Confidential Text Number For Reports

A delegation of ambulance officers will meet with Health Minister Lawrence Springborg next Monday at 4pm to discuss a range of issues and concerns.

You tell us on a daily basis that you are fatigued, rushing from job to job without a break and ramped at hospitals. When we take your concerns to the media, the Minister says this is just political posturing. We need more evidence to prove otherwise.

We’ve set up a confidential mobile number for you to text and tell us what’s happening at your local hospital. That number is 0408 772 482. It’s a text only service and is completely confidential.

This morning again, Minister Springborg was on talkback radio stressing that ramping and by- pass are no longer problems in Queensland Health. He insisted that the system is working and said that “patients are no longer bouncing around in the back of ambulances”.

So, if you are ramped, if you haven’t accessed a break during your shift, if your station is under staffed, if there is anything you think the public should know- text this number 0408 772 482.

We will then use this information on social media to prove to the Health Minister that ambulance officers are not lying. We need evidence to build our case. We need times, dates and incidents.

We’ve tried to get this data through the right to information process but after nearly three months, we are still waiting to access this information.

We know you are worried about your boss finding out if you give us this information but don’t be. It is a confidential number set up to receive text messages from ambulance officers on the job.

To access a copy of this update in PDF format click here.

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