Commissioner Bowles shifts blame for allowance cuts

A recent email from Commissioner Bowles pretends to place responsibility for bringing on the cuts to the meal allowance on United Voice.

Clearly, recent member activity is putting the Commissioner under pressure. The facts are:

  1. United Voice fought against all cuts to allowances
  2. QAS and Commissioner Bowles fought to cut your entitlements
  3. QAS was not ready to implement its own changes
  4. United Voice demanded Commissioner Bowles guarantee QAS would not pursue overpayments to staff for meal allowances
  5. Branch Secretary, Gary Bullock wrote to Commissioner Bowles on 1 August 2014 demanding the guarantee


Recent meetings with the Minister and Commissioner have also put the Commissioner on the back foot now having to relook at the Fatigue Management Policy - after refusing to do so beforehand.

The Commissioner is under pressure and as the election draws closer and United Voice member activity increases – there will be more misleading missives from both the Commissioner and the Government.

Make no mistake – United Voice will always fight to improve your conditions and the QAS and the government will try to cut them.

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