Code One win

As part of the Code One campaign United Voice promised to tackle the issue of paid training time and today we can announce that a new agreement full of positive change will be signed off in the coming weeks. 

The QAS 2017 Education Plan will mean increased opportunities for maintenance of clinical currency and development for all ambulance officers.  It gives a firm commitment of 40 hours paid time per year per Ambulance Officer for training and casual officers will be paid for mandatories or any skill enhancement the QAS deems necessary. It gives a clear outline of the plan for training and education over the next 12-18 months and will be a continuous agenda item at the State Consultative Committee (SCC).  

As part of the agreement there will also be significant reform to the Ambulance Education Committee which will include the placement of a United Voice representative.  Nick Lentakis, a paramedic and Senior Clinical Educator for Metro South, has been a United Voice member for 27 years and will be representing you on this committee. He has extensive clinical education experience and will be able to ensure any new initiative adheres to the education plan into the future. 

The QAS 2017 Education Plan is set to be officially signed off at next week’s SCC. 

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