Remuneration Inquiry

United Voice members across the state have been getting behind the Unions plan to see a wage remuneration inquiry implemented swiftly with members excited about the prospect of having the true value of their work recognised. Hundreds of signed pledges supporting the plan have been flowing in. Organisers and delegates are visiting stations across the state to share the plan with you in person, answer any questions you might have, and give you pledges and to sign to show your support so make sure you keep an eye out for them. Information about the plan can be found online here.      Continue reading

Victim Assist Queensland

The recently released recommendations of the Paramedic Safety Taskforce are aimed at dramatically reducing the unacceptable level of violence towards ambulance officers, however for those who do suffer an attack it’s important that adequate follow up assistance is available. United Voice encourages all members who have suffered emotional or physical injury due to an act of violence to access the support services offered by Victim Assist Queensland.  Victims of crime have access to a range of services including financial assistance and information and referrals to support services across the state. To find out more visit:

Professional Registration update

In March 2016 targeted consultation began with key organisations representing ambulance services, education providers and consumers. The project is under the direction of the Australian Health Minister’s Advisory Council. A reference group was established and amongst various participants, includes representatives from the National Council of Unions (NCAU) - State Councillor Michael Formica vice-president and Paramedics Australasia which also has several key United Voice delegates and members on their board. Work has begun around the settlement of policy details and preparation of legislation to be passed by participating jurisdictions. United Voice will continue to engage with this project both at a state and national level ensuring our members from Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory are well represented.