Bundaberg QGM

Over sixty United Voice members from across all industries came together on Wednesday the 9th of August, for the second of the regional quarterly general meetings for 2017. The ambulance sector was represented by Michael Formica, Geoff Cameron, Jade and Jason Poole.

After reports on the state of the union by United Voice President Sharron Caddie and Assistant Secretary Sheila Hunter, members participated in a table discussion on Fighting for our Values

Members discussed, ‘what does a job that is secure and provides a decent standard of living mean to them in terms of job security, safety, leave entitlements, fair pay rates and respect?’

Members acknowledged the following issues: 

  • Inequality is at a 70 year high.

  • Jobs are being casualised, offshored and outsourced with conditions being undermined and everyone is working longer and harder for less.

  • Wage growth is the lowest it has been since records were kept.

  • 478 profitable companies in Australia and 48 Australian millionaires paid no tax in 2016.

  • The rules are broken and need to be fixed.

  • Everyone deserves a job that is safe, secure and can provide a decent standard of living.

  • Everyone deserves a job you can count on.

  • As union members we need to lead and be able to count on each other and stand together to demand new rules for fairer workplaces.



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