Bring On The Vote

As you know, one of the key planks of our Code One Action Plan was to restore the industrial rights taken away by the former LNP Government.  

Before the election, United Voice’s small army of active Ambulance delegates was able to secure a commitment from the Labor Party to do just that.

Now, a Bill that could bring back many of those rights is before the Parliament. These rights include: the independence of the QIRC in setting wages, ability to give policy the weight of law in awards and agreements (e.g. fatigue management), job security and the right to communicate with, and get support from, your union – just to name a few.


The committee addressing the bill is made up of half ALP and half LNP MPs – and we don’t know if it will pass. Ambulance Officers need it passed to reinstate fair working conditions as we demanded in our Code One campaign.

Please sign and widely share our petition to Bring On The Vote.

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