Brad Johnson's Attack

Since paramedic and United Voice member Brad Johnson was attacked on Friday night, his friends and colleagues have rallied around him in a fantastic groundswell of support.

Ambulance officers and the community statewide have sent the message loud and clear: enough is enough.  

The man accused of attacking Brad was released on bail at a hearing today, with the magistrate saying that the personal circumstances around his case were ‘exceptional’. 

Tough personal circumstances are not and will never be an excuse for viciously assaulting a Paramedic who is trying to help you. 

Assaults on Paramedics are getting more frequent and, according to many of our members, they’re getting more unpredictable and vicious. 

United Voice put out the call yesterday for Minister for Ambulance Services Cameron Dick to urgently establish a task force to look at how we address this horrific trend.

Today, United Voice Secretary Gary Bullock has spoken with radio, online and print media to get the message out. 

We’ve just heard from the Commissioner and Minister's office and both are keen to meet as soon as possible to discuss tactics for reducing the dangers faced on the job by our Paramedics.

We will keep you posted on progress as it happens.

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