Award Modernisation the biggest threat to your conditions

The Government is embarking on a process of ‘modernising’ all awards, including yours. But don’t be fooled by the nice term that conjures up flexibility, family-friendly hours and conditions.

And don’t let anyone tell you that Award Modernisation is an opportunity for higher pay and better conditions. That is clearly not the intent of the Newman/Springborg Government.

A telling indicator was when Health Minister Springborg refused to give a guarantee to United Voice delegates and officials that no Ambulance Officer would be financially worse off as a result.

If Award Modernisation was a positive opportunity for workers, why does the legislation strip your award back to a set of basic conditions that does NOT include things like workload management, training, allowances, proper consultation, union rights, restrictions on casualisation and flexible rostering - and a host of other key issues.

United Voice will not be snowed by nice words and this issue will become a key focus for the union to fight against in coming months. Keep an eye on the bulletins so you can be informed about how, as a United Voice, we can protect your conditions from this latest attack. 

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