Australian Research Council Grant Success

United Voice has recently been successful in partnering for a three-year research project with the Australian Research Council (ARC). This project is led by internationally renowned researchers from Griffith University, Associate Professor Keith Townsend, Dr Rebecca Loudoun, and Professor Adrian Wilkinson.

In a pilot study completed with many United Voice members throughout 2015, the team found that operational workloads are placing strain on the capacity of paramedics to perform their roles but also contribute to psychological stress. People management systems and support mechanisms designed to improve the impact of these stressors do not always work as effectively as they are intended or could.

This multifaceted research project will identify the organisational subsystems that affect the long-term employment for emergency service workers along with other individual and organisational outcomes.

One aim of this research is to better understand and improve people-management strategies in emergency services. Where employees face trauma as a daily part of their working life it is critical to ensure the various systems of people management (HRM systems, work systems, support systems) fit together to ensure improved outcomes for the employing organisations, but also employees, through for example, reducing stressors, improving long-term workability and minimising the likelihood of developing PTSD.

All members are welcome to participate in this voluntary research. Throughout the course of the next 18 months many of you will be contacted at random to request your involvement in the research.

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