Arbitration Update - September 6, 2013

Today is the final day witnesses from United Voice will give evidence in your arbitration hearing. 

Craig Crawford, Craig Hansen and Nick Lentakis are due to take to the stand as the union’s remaining witnesses. 

On 30 August, Peter Griffey and Michael Freeman gave evidence and yesterday the commission heard from Andrew Flindall, Angela Timmins and Mark Denham. 

After today, the evidentiary case for United Voice will be closed (subject to any further requests for our witnesses to be available for cross-examination on discrete points). 

All witnesses should be congratulated and thanked for taking the time out of their own work and family lives in order to give evidence to support their fellow ambulance officers in retaining hard-fought conditions and seeking a deserved rise in ambulance employee’s remuneration. 

We also thank those witnesses that travelled, some on more than one occasion to Brisbane to give evidence.

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