APAQ invited to join one united Ambulance voice

As we move forward on the Work Value Case and with EB negotiations drawing closer, it’s never been clearer that we need to make our union as strong as possible.

That’s why your State Council has made the decision to extend an invitation to APAQ and request to start discussions to welcome their members into our Ambulance union.  We have already welcomed many APAQ members into United Voice.

This afternoon, we will send an open letter to APAQ requesting a meeting to discuss this. You can see that letter here.

A divided voice does not serve the best interests of Ambulance Officers. As we continue our Code One campaign with a Work Value Case and upcoming EB negotiations, we want all Ambulance Officers to have access to a strong registered union, with the resources to win the best outcomes for members.

We will let you know APAQ’s response to our letter and, should they agree to sit down and discuss the concept, we will keep you fully across those discussions.

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