Another assault in Cairns

Over the weekend two more ambulance officers were subjected to an unacceptable attack in Cairns. A 24-year-old woman allegedly assaulted the two officers while they were treating her in the ambulance. 

The alleged offender has been charged with two counts of serious assault on a public officer and obstructing police, she’s due to appear in Cairns Magistrates Court on November 16.

Despite growing community support for the Zero Tolerance campaign this incident highlights that clearly more needs to be done at all levels including the public, the government and the magistrates. Another silent demonstration is set to take place in Cairns on November 21st when a French tourist will face sentencing – stay tuned for more details about that. In the meantime help us continue to increase public awareness by taking a photo with the Zero Tolerance sign and emailing it to Laura in the United Voice Communications team – These images help us keep the issue in the public eye by promoting the campaign on social media.   

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