An update on the taskforce

The final Paramedic Safety Taskforce report was submitted to the Health Minister earlier this week and will be made public in the coming days. United Voice has played a key role in the Taskforce, which as you all know was established as a result of pressure from the union following the unacceptable increase in assaults on ambulance officers. Some of the report’s recommendations are already in place or underway; many of you will have already taken part in the new de-escalation training and the new public campaign has been getting extensive television coverage during peak viewing times and has had a high level of engagement online. A plan for greater communication between QAS and QPS along with improved tools and technology aimed at making you safer on the job are all important items that we look forward to hearing more about once the report is made public. A link to the full report will be included in the next edition of this eNewsletter.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the delegates who participated in the Taskforce and working groups. Liesel Cahalan from Metro South, Jade Wilkinson  from Wide Bay, Bret Fournier from the Gold Coast, Barry Phillips from Central Qld, Wayne Slee  from Central West and Matt MaCann from Wide Bay did an amazing job representing all United Voice members – well done to you all.

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