Ambulance Officer takes out delegate of the year award

Ambulance officer takes out state Delegate of the Year award

Wide Bay Paramedic and United Voice Delegate Matt McCann was honoured for his hard work and dedication to both his colleagues and Australian workers more broadly when he was named the Most Outstanding Delegate of the Year at the recent Queensland Labour Day Awards.  Matt has achieved many fantastic things in his role as a delegate including; initiating local networking through social media, workplace meetings and face to face support, organising events and rallies to support and promote the Zero Tolerance campaign for which he garnered extensive local media coverage, and participating in several industry based committees including the Paramedic Safety Taskforce. He constantly engages in industry issues but is also an active member on issues that affect the union and Queenslanders more broadly. He has played a key role in the Save Our Weekend penalty rates campaign taking the issue to his local community through media and social media and also engaging with a number of political stakeholders on the issue. Matt acknowledges that none of this would have been achieved without the support and encouragement from his fellow Wide Bay delegates and LASN State Councillor Michael Formica. We’re so proud to call Matt a United Voice Delegate and want to congratulate him on the well-deserved win!

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