Ambulance officer assaults

Last week a Cairns paramedic and United Voice member endured a horrific assault during an overnight shift.

The unacceptable attack left the paramedic with visible injuries, shockingly the 21 year old alleged attacker was granted bail by the Cairns Magistrates Court. He’s set to face court again on 20 October where he will also face paramedics, United Voice members and the community who will be holding a demonstration outside the court house. Stay tuned for more details on how you can support this action.

Like with all incidents of this nature the paramedic has received a strong show of support from United Voice officials, delegates and fellow members in Cairns and across the state. The United Voice process is to always ensure the victim has support, is encouraged to access the QAS support mechanisms (Peer Support and Priority One), receives immediate contact where practical from a State Councillor or delegate and follow up 'check-ins’ from their United Voice organiser to provide moral support over the ensuing months. United Voice also provides links to contact Victim Assist and industrial support in the event of a worker's compensation claim.

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