Ambos take Code One to more than 40 electorates

About 20 of your colleagues - active delegates – have put in an extraordinary effort in getting around to about 40 electorates in just a couple of weeks.

They have taken the Code One Action Plan direct to candidates from Condamine to Cairns. The ALP, Greens, PUP, Katter and independents have been happy to meet, while LNP candidates have refused to meet – except for the LNP candidate for Gladstone who met, but would not commit to the Action Plan. 

ALP Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk met with ambos at Springwood today and signed up to Labor’s commitment to the Action Plan. LNP Leader Campbell Newman continues to ignore your colleagues and their efforts to meet with him to discuss Code One. 

Keep updated with the public commitments made by dozens of candidates on the Code One Facebook site

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