One of the hot topics for United Voice paramedics is the ongoing issue of Ambulance Ramping at Queensland’s hospitals.

Because this is a constant area of concern, United Voice officials and members spend a significant amount of time monitoring and addressing this issue across the state. The recent forums United Voice have been involved in include:

-- Rapid Transfer Procedure Working Group being held to address issues around hospital flow in Metro South and more specifically at Logan Hospital.

-- Patient Access Advisory Committee (PAAC) which is a forum which has evolved from the Emergency Services Management Committee (ESMC) in light of the fact that the entry point for patients into the hospital system needs to be addressed by a whole of Health Service solution rather than concentrating on the processes and practices in place at the handover of patient from Ambulance to ED.

-- Individual representations by members at LCC forums across LASNs and escalation to the SCC for example in the case of Central LASN where lost time due to Ambulance Ramping at hospitals is becoming a common occurrence.

It is due to the vigilance of our members and delegates on the ground, who are reporting and keeping this issue a priority, that we have been able to ensure we are as responsive as possible with both QAS and Queensland Health and with input from United Voice, ensuring problem areas are being addressed.

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