Aggregate Rate Explained

United Voice has received a number of queries about the Aggregate Rate since our member update on the issue.

We advised members that United Voice got a commitment from QAS that no member would be worse off as a result of the new Aggregate Rate.

Unfortunately, some misinformation has been spread on this issue and this has led to concern and confusion.

To reassure members that no one will be worse off – in terms of the Aggregate Rate changes –the correspondence can be accessed by clicking here. Please pay particular attention to point two of the letter from QAS lawyers McCulloch Robertson which states their acceptance of the United Voice position:

"The aggregated allowance will be no less than the value of the sum of its constituent parts immediately prior to the introduction of the aggregated allowance".

On other matters, we will keep you updated on the consultation tour currently underway.

Please get involved in the meetings, get an update on the facts and have your say. The focus now from members, delegates and State Council is to frame a clear and effective response to the attacks on your conditions, workplace health and safety and professionalism.

These attacks were plain to see and have left many members worse off. That is why United Voice will take the best advice available – from the vast majority of Ambulance Officers in Queensland as well as from our specialist lawyers to frame an effective campaign strategy to fight back.

A copy of this update and the correspondence from QAS legal team can be accessed by clicking here

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