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Arbitration Update - August 23, 2013

Yesterday, your arbitration hearing resumed at the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission after the hearing day on Wednesday was postponed because one of the Commissioners was unavailable.  Continue reading

Arbitration Update - July 2013

The arbitration hearing regarding the Queensland Ambulance Service Determination began on Tuesday 2nd of July. The first week consisted mainly of evidence from QAS, except for one United Voice witness, Professor John Quiggin, one of Australia’s leading economists.  Continue reading

The Fight of Your Lives

On Friday, QAS notified us of the outcomes they want to achieve through arbitration. They are now prepared to take away even more conditions than we initially thought. QAS and the Newman Government are still saying ambulance officers should only get a 2.2% wage increase in exchange for the loss of even more conditions.    Continue reading

URGENT: EB 2012 Update 16 of 2012

Yesterday your representatives returned to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission to seek to progress our claims for a new EB. At our last meeting QAS produced a document detailing their position, what they perceived our position was, and their suggested clauses/changes to the existing document.  Whether by incompetence or intentionally, none of our claims were included on the governments list.  Frankly, the exclusion by the government of matters that you and other members voted to be included in our log of claims treats you, your representatives, and the entire conciliation process with contempt.  Continue reading