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Arbitration Update - November 1, 2013

   The hearing of the arbitration of the Queensland Ambulance Service – Determination 2010 is now complete.  The last day of evidence was on Tuesday 15 October 2013. During the last day of evidence, UV cross-examined the evidence of QAS witness Mr Metcalfe on the history of meal windows and the meal overtime penalty. Mr Metcalfe gave evidence that meal windows and the penalty have been a longstanding entitlement of QAS employees, previously supported by the QAS. Mr Hartley for QAS was also cross-examined on the erroneous nature of the basis of his paramedics’ ‘workload efficiency’ measure, which the QAS sought to use to illustrate that paramedics have significant amounts of downtime in shifts.    Continue reading

Keelty Review Released

The State Government has released the Keelty Review into Emergency Services. The key recommendations for the Queensland Ambulance Service are:  1. That the Queensland Ambulance Service is transferred to Queensland Health by a machinery-of-Government change as soon as is practicable and that the Commissioner report directly to the Director General Queensland Health.  2. That the Queensland Ambulance Service is maintained as a state-wide service into the future.  3. That negotiation takes place between Queensland Health and the Queensland Ambulance Service to determine the broad governance requirements of any such arrangements.  4. That the Queensland Ambulance Service maintains its own identity to:  ensure their role is not lost  focus on key performance indicators, such as response times  build on the goodwill the Queensland Ambulance Service has with the community.  5. That Queensland Health continues to recognise and foster the important contributions of Local Ambulance Committees to supporting effective community focused ambulance services across the State.   The full report can be downloaded here

Arbitration Update - September 6, 2013

Today is the final day witnesses from United Voice will give evidence in your arbitration hearing.  Craig Crawford, Craig Hansen and Nick Lentakis are due to take to the stand as the union’s remaining witnesses.  Continue reading

Arbitration Update - September 4, 2013

We are now in the fourth week of your arbitration hearing, after proceedings started in July and further hearing dates were held at the end of August. Tomorrow and Friday, your colleagues will again be cross examined as witnesses for United Voice.    Continue reading