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State-wide meeting schedule-have your say on arbitration decision

Following the recent Queensland Industrial Relations Commission decision on your arbitration case, we’re holding mass meetings in all regions to hear what you think about the outcome. It’s your opportunity to have a say on the decision, put questions to your union representatives and help formulate a plan of action for the future. Here is the schedule for next week’s meetings: Tuesday 10th June 1pm, Cairns Station Wednesday 11th June 1pm, Townsville Station Thursday12th June, 1pm, South Mackay Station Friday 13th June, 1pm, South Rockhampton Station Over the next few weeks we will also be visiting: Metro North Metro South Gold Coast Sunshine Coast Wide Bay West Moreton Darling Downs Once dates and times are confirmed for the above regions, we will let you know. The meetings are open to all staff so make sure you bring your colleagues along who are non- members so they can also take part in these important discussions. If you can’t attend any of these meetings or there is not one scheduled near you please send your comments or questions to Click here to access a copy of this update in PDF form

Aggregate Rate Win

One of the wins that came from the recent Queensland Industrial Relations Commission’s (QIRC) decision was on Aggregate Rates. The Aggregate Rate win came as a direct result of United Voice negotiations with the QAS. The Government’s position going into the arbitration was to deduct any Aggregate Rate wins from the salary rises. The union was successful in pushing back on this in negotiations with QAS. Furthermore, for the first time the Aggregate Rate will be expanded to include afternoon and night shifts, on call allowances and weekend penalties. Importantly, the aggregate rate will also apply when members work on a public holiday i.e. members will receive payment for shift penalties and allowances in addition to public holiday penalties for the first time. The Aggregate Rate not only results in a more consistent fortnightly income, but also results in additional pay increases over and above the 2.2% awarded by the QIRC.  This specific wage increase each member receives from the Aggregate Rate will depend on each roster. The Aggregate Rate is calculated in the same manner as the current AWP, but will be expanded to include afternoon and night shifts, on call allowances and weekend penalties. QAS propose there be five aggregate rates within Queensland, with the aggregate rate applying to individual members calculated by taking the total of current entitlements and rounding up to the nearest applicable percentage, as follows: 23% 26.5% 28% 29.5% 36.5% The union has received a written guarantee from the QAS and its legal representatives that no member will be worse off due to the implementation of the aggregate rate. The securing of the aggregate rate entitlement is a win for members.  Click here to access a copy of this update in PDF form    

State Council update

As a result of the QIRC decision being handed down last week, a phone conference was convened with State Council today to discuss the impact of the decision, and strategies for moving forward.  The meeting included: 1.       A detailed analysis of the decision and all its pros and cons; 2.       The endorsement of a statewide consultation tour of major sites across Queensland conducted by United Voice organisers in the Ambulance section John Webb and Geoff Sharp; 3.       A commitment to a face to face meeting of State Council to consider all member feedback from the consultation tour to finalise a campaign plan in response to the decision; and 4.       A report from lawyer Charles Massey from specialist industrial law firm Hall Payne in relation to statements in the decision about the running of a Work Value case for Ambulance Officers. There will be further member updates on points 1 and 4 above shortly. We will be requesting the release of key delegates for the tour to ensure members are appropriately engaged.  Given the current political climate and the adversarial nature of the QAS we fully expect any reasonable request for members to be informed to be actively resisted. State Council will report back to members on the outcome of their face to face meeting. Click here to download a copy of this report in PDF format.

Union Stops Worst Attacks But Government Stymies Pay And Reduces Meal Allowances

The Government’s attempts to totally abolish meal allowances for stretched ambulance officers has failed but cuts to the previous allowance will mean ambos who put patients before a meal break will lose money following the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission’s (QIRC) arbitration late.   Continue reading