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Taxi Grab Must Be Stopped

Just ask any renal or cancer patient who they’d rather take them to and from treatment – a trained Ambulance Patient Transport Officer (PTO) or a cabbie? The resounding and common sense answer is lost on the Taxi Council of Queensland that has called for PTO services to be handed over to cabbies. This is a blatant taxi grab to pump more business into their struggling industry. Sign our petition to make sure this Taxi grab is stopped.   Continue reading

No Overpayment Win

United Voice has been given a verbal guarantee by QAS that it will not claim back any overpayment on meal overtime despite the 2013 Determination coming into effect last month. A previous bulletin highlighted that QAS was not ready to practically implement the new changes it fought for thus leaving members vulnerable to overpayment claims. A commitment was sought by United Voice and given by QAS. We welcome the fact that common sense prevailed in this case and we await written confirmation of the guarantee. Once received, we will advise in the next e-bulletin.   Continue reading

PTOs Furious at Cabbie Slur

Angry Patient Transfer Officers have reported being sent an email from an Operations Supervisor referring to them as ‘cabbies’. The email was sent advising PTOs of vacant shifts and told them to “put your cabbie hats on”. Such demeaning language devalues the professionalism and importance of PTOs who have proven to be a vital service to many terminally and seriously ill Queenslanders. It also smacks of the same demeaning attitude that underpins the State Government’s privatisation agenda. We recommend the writer of the email ask some of the patients who depend on our PTOs whether they’d be happy to swap for a cabbie.  Continue reading

QAS Unable To Implement New Meal Provisions

Following the final order of the QIRC this week, the QAS will be caught short unable to properly implement the new meal provisions for which they pushed so hard. In an embarrassing twist, the QAS will not have an updated time sheet program to calculate the new orders that came into effect from Monday 28th July. In the interim, QAS will calculate meal provisions on the now outdated 2010 Agreement. In effect, this will amount to the QAS overpaying members until the new system is operational. Continue reading