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One of the common interactions members have with the United Voice Ambulance app is to report incidents of ramping across the state. It’s an all too common frustration for members to be stuck at a hospital ramp rather than being out and available to respond to the community. The flow-on effects of ramping impact on members getting late or missed meals and having shifts extended because of the bottle neck that occurs at our state’s health facilities is just not acceptable. Continue reading


ALL QAS Paramedics MUST be registered when regulation starts, or have applied for registration to continue to be able to call themselves and practise as a Paramedic – it’s the Law. QAS Paramedics applying for registration through the grandparenting pathways MUST also be registered by 1 December 2018, or have applied for registration, to continue to be able to call themselves and practise as a Paramedic. Continue reading


At a recent meeting of the Paramedic Safety Management Committee it was reported that the refresher round of the SAFE training is rolling out across LASNs. This committee is an ongoing body monitoring enhancements as part of the Safety Taskforce into occupational violence faced by Ambulance Staff. Continue reading


Members will be receiving their 2019 United Voice pocket diaries in the lead up to the end of the year. Keep an eye out on the mail and update your address with the United Voice office if you have moved recently to ensure you don’t miss out at