10 hour shift overruns

United Voice representatives have demanded that QAS meet with them to discuss the ongoing issue of ten hour shift overruns.

As you may remember, your delegates have tackled the issue of 10 hour shift overruns in the past. At the time, QAS gave a firm commitment to finish 10 hour shifts following officer’s completion of last case.

Since then, your union has been monitoring reports received via the Ambo App as well as feedback from members out on the ground that compliance with this agreement is not being met.

At Monday’s SCC meeting, United Voice representatives demanded that QAS meet with them to discuss this continuing issue and that the mandatory Out of Service SOP (standard operational practice) should reflect the 10 hour shifts as well as the 12 hour shifts.

If 10 hour shift overruns continue to occur we will call an emergency state council meeting to determine a possible industrial action.

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