APAQ withdraws from union registration

United Voice welcomes APAQ’s withdrawal from seeking official union registration. We believe ambulance officers are best served when represented by a strong, well-resourced union.

Proof of this is the collective action members took under the Code One banner that won significant commitments from the new government.

Importantly, if members are concerned about things such as those raised in this bulletin alone – fatigue and being pushed into no union representation at disciplinary meetings – membership of United Voice, the only properly registered and authorised union to represent you, is the safest bet.

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  • commented 2015-04-28 12:01:56 +1000
    I also completely agree Simeon, Scott and Dave.

    I have been raised by a blue collar family firm in the belief that unions are a necessity and ‘voice’ within workforces when we don’t have one.

    But in my, albeit limited, 3 year exposure to UV I have found that at present we are wholly under-represented. And I know I’m beating an old drum, but if we look at interstate paramedic representation or gasp the firefighter’s union, you will see that over the last decade we have fallen far short.

    I look forward to a day when I can wholly commit to a union that feels like it’s working as hard for us as we do the community.
  • commented 2015-04-28 11:27:56 +1000
    Sim makes some excellent points. If less time was spent chest beating and more time on representing members then maybe Medics wouldn’t be down $20000 a year. As a former member and delegate of the “bottle washers Union” I can fully understand the frustration felt by Paramedics. A union representing only Paramedics would be far more empathetic and effective than one representing every man and his dog.
  • commented 2015-04-28 09:48:17 +1000
    I will preface this by stating that I am a financial United Voice member and not an APAQ member. Sorry but this post sounds a bit like you’re crowing about the misfortunes of an organisation which represents quite a number of our colleagues who obviously want to be represented but are not happy with your representation. This opportunistic negativity, rubbing our colleagues noses in it is exactly the attitude which turns people off joining UV (and current members from quitting).

    At a leadership level have you guys taken a step back and recognised that the popularity of APAQ is less about them and more about how you represent us? Don’t you think that UVs time would probably be better spent acknowledging this fact, recognising that the membership would much prefer the organisation to stop this adversarial turf war, perhaps work co-operatively with APAQ and focusing on the real issues? Because at the moment it looks like its more about retaining membership fees than what is good for us.

    I don’t expect to be replied to here because my previous comments from months ago have not been either. So why has time and effort been spent on developing an app which will provide another social media avenue for us to be ignored?

    Why is time and effort being spent on being adversarial with a large section of our colleagues when there is opportunity to be inclusive, learn from experience and get on with what is actually important?