Ambo State Council rates ALP on Code One

Ambo State Council rates ALP on Code One

Your State Council met recently to assess the Australian Labor Party’s response to your demands in the Code One Action Plan. The LNP has, so far, failed to respond to your concerns.

 State Council assessed the ALP’s response as 7.5 out of 10. Your reps awarded Labor a full point for...

  • No privatisation of QAS patient transfer
  • No privatisation of QAS communications
  • Fixing the Ambulance fatigue crisis
  • Increased opportunities for skill maintenance and development
  • Introduction of professional registration
  • Reinstatement of collective rights and maintenance f all existing conditions

They awarded Labor a half point for:

  • Increase of net Ambulance numbers by 600 over three years
  • Rostering best practice emergency dispatch and patient records
  • Introduction of professional pay rates and superannuation paid on total earning

No points were awarded for:

  • Introduction of medical discharge pension – similar to Police

See the full ALP response here and judge for yourself.

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  • commented 2015-01-27 20:49:57 +1000
    Hey guys, just wondering whether you could 1. Tell us what plans or strategies beyond pre-election promises outlined in the alp letter there is to address these issues, or what substantive ideas you plan on taking to the next government to address these issues? 2. Why was the idea of medical discharge pension and idea about transitioning given a zero by the council? What was the rationale about how things were rated? These aren’t loaded questions, just interested as a paying member, in knowing a little more than vague election promises. Cheers