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Good news for patient transport officers

As a result of talking to members and seeking industrial advice from their organisers, PTO delegates have recently bought up several issues at a LASN and state level which have resulted in some positive outcomes. Two key issues and outcomes are listed below Continue reading

EMD – Safety Taskforce Update

As we have previously reported to members, one of the 15 recommendations arising from the Safety Taskforce is the ongoing delivery of SAFE2 training for frontline paramedics and PTO’s. United Voice wants to ensure that all staff are provided the opportunity to learn current strategies and techniques to keep them safe on the job. Therefore, United Voice called on QAS to revise current education systems and develop a modernised training package for EMD’s.  Continue reading

Griffith University Survey

As reported in our last bulletin United Voice is co-funding a project commissioning Griffith University to research and investigate employment conditions to identify issues around services and support provided to QAS staff. As part of the data collecting process, over the next 2 – 3 months, a two-part survey will be conducted. A random sample of members will be contacted by phone to participate in the survey.  Continue reading

Remuneration Inquiry update

The Mercer Inquiry is progressing on schedule to finalise a report in June. Mercer is still collating detailed information from other states, and analysing the survey results and site visit feedback.  The report will be comprehensive and detailed, and in addition to the remuneration analysis, will include information about the changes to work roles as well as changes across the Queensland Ambulance Service.